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 How to Build a Dory

Get the best plans with crystal-clear images

Dory boats are easy to build with the right plans, which need to be prepared by an expert. The basic shape of a dory is simple. It is not complicated like a clinker boat or one made from curved panels which must be set to the curves you need by steam heating, and then assembled quickly and accurately.

Simple plans with crystal clear instructions

Even though the shape of a dory is simple, it is not as easy as making a square box, nor as easy as assembling furniture sold as flat packs. After all, the dory needs to slice through the water, but rise up over waves, so it has to have curved panels. But these are gradual curves, and curve in only one plane. In other words, you just hold one end, and bend the panel or plank to shape. This is single curvature, or curvature in one plane.

Use ordinary materials

To build a dory you need softwood, which you can get from any timber merchant and many hardware stores. Nothing special is needed in the materials or fastenings. Of course, you do marine grade adhesives and fasteners, but these are readily available.

Plans for 16-foot dory with digital images

You can build a dory to any size you like – just as big as you can make it. Most people build small dories of 12 to 18 feet, and the 16-foot dory is the mos popular. It is an ideal size as it is not too big to handle, but is large enough to behave like a real boat, to be able to carry quite a lot of stuff, and can be driven by an outboard motor.

These dories are very robust, can take a lot of knocking about, and will last you a long time – 20 or 30 years is no problem with a dory.

But you do need good plans, with good instructions. Find the best instructions, which include crystal-clear digital images of the steps here.
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